The Studio

These are my 2 main machines.  The serger usually sits in the corner.  I think Kenny is on the left, and Vic is on the right (cats).  The machine on the left is the D1 and the Juki is on the table to the right.  That little round thing in front of the Juki is my latest prized's a wool pincushion.  Really cool, the lanolin in the wool keeps the pins from rusting. Plus, it holds a LOT more pins than the little tomatoes.  I have one of those rotating mats next to the Juki. The original idea was that this mat would be all that was on that arm of the table, but when I'm working with Thangles I find that I really need two machines set up (grumble grumble): one for 1/4" piecing, and one for running the Thangles through. The corner table has a shelf underneath it where I keep 2 baskets, one for common notions, and one for, well, I don't know what, exactly.  My buttons are in that one, and some other stuff. 

Photo of the Juki by itself. I love this machine, it's so fast!  1500 stitches per minute! Eventually it will go downstairs in the quilting room, on the frame.  This side of the room faces north, there are two windows here side by side, great natural lighting during the day!

Thread stand and rolly-cart.  I only use Guttermann thread for the most part, these are just the colors I used on the Fleece Project.  The top drawer of the cart contains quilting patterns and assorted accessories.  The middle drawer has a watercolor quilt project and another art project I need to get rid of (anybody into wreath making?).  The bottom drawer is reserved for crayons, colored pencils, construction paper and coloring books.  When I'm between projects I'll usually do a paper art project just to get the creative side going again.  I've discovered that if I occupy the technical side of my brain doing something like coloring between the lines, the creative side can take over and I'll usually dream up a new project.  Someday I want to find a thread rack for the back of the door into this room so I can hang my serger and embroidery threads, too.  As it is, the embroidery threads are in the little plastic bin next to the cart.  Like a lot of people, I used a hot wheels storage box for embroidery thread storage.  Hey, it works!

The metal cart holds embroidery supplies.  Hilda (the dummy) is next to the tv and cart.  I got the tv from my mom for my birthday last year. Thanks mom!  I like being able to watch sewing dvds in the same room where my machines are.  2 cat baskets on the floor, but they both like to sleep in the one that's visible here, usually one on top of the other. 

A finished hat and scarf set, in purple.  The hat on the far left has its corresponding hat rolled up inside it. 

This is what 50 scarf and hat sets look like before they're stitched, hanging out on my cutting table. 'Nuff said.

The Ironrite. This thing is really handy, and does a beautiful job pressing all sorts of things.  That's a genuine "Health Chair", too!  Thanks to Carl's Mom's friend, Rada for the Ironrite, she found it in her house when she moved in.  Works great!  The machine on top is the Snoopy embroidery machine, which I sold on Ebay in January '07.  The box next to it contains assorted other junk I sold.  Now that the stuff is sold, I have an ironing board we made that just fits on top of the ironer, which seems appropriate somehow. :) Also barely visible in this photo, on the lower right corner, is the case I use for carting my machines to class.  The closet is also on the right, look for photos of that later, I'm in the process of cleaning it out.  This photo is of the east wall, sorry for the flash glare.

Of all the things in the studio, this one has changed the most since the photos were taken.  The top shelf holds a stereo that's older than I am!  The 2nd shelf holds various works in progress and a little bag of Play-doh I break out when I'm between projects.  The 3rd shelf holds movies that I watch on a regular basis (organized in alphabetical order, of course!).  4th shelf has a box of fat quarters and some hat fabric that's since been cut and delivered to the rightful owner (hi mom!). 5th shelf are frequently used sewing books, magazines and machine manuals.  The bottom shelf holds the Janome in-between classes, my "to-go" notions bag, and a pretty sewing basket I got at auction that came with enough blocks for 2 twin size quilts (for $10).  The bags hanging off the sides of the shelves each hold a future project. They've since been relegated to the bottom shelf.  The one on the left is going to be the Music Quilt, and the one on the right is the black quilt.  Finished hats and scarves hang on the door handle until I remember to turn them in. 

The library card catalog.  I got this at auction, I don't think I realized at the time how perfect it is for my use.  The top drawer holds threads that won't fit on the thread rack (lesser used ones, basically).  The 2nd drawer holds bias tape, elastic, and other handy notions. The third drawer is for patterns.  It has 3 compartments that are the perfect width and height for storing them.  I have them organized by company, then number.  I keep a database on my pda of all of my patterns (what I have, and what I want to buy during the next sale), and whether I've used them, comments, etc.  The next drawer holds serger thread, but it's not really big enough for the entire collection, so I'm still really hoping for a thread rack for the door. The bottom drawer is generic storage right now, but I plan to use it for more patterns as I build my collection.  This cabinet sits just to the south of the sewing table.  The D1's embroidery unit is on the floor, as is the cover for it and the Mega Hoop. 

The other side of the card catalog.  Yep, that's a Mr Potato Head magnet set!  The bin on the floor is for recycle stuff, and those are fleece scraps on top of it that will eventually make their way to the person who's going to make headbands for the Fleece Project (not me).  The top of the cabinet holds a small ironing pad and my ruler rack that the Russian made for me. 

All in all, I really love my little creative space.  Carl is going to make me matching furniture someday, but for now what I have is really functional, just not that great looking.  My future "dream" sewing room would have more overhead lighting and more outlets, but what I have is fine for now.  I'm much happier now that I'm out of the basement!  I've been clearing out the closet and have organized most of my fabrics into bins. Creating is so much more fun when I can find what I'm looking for right away!  I'll take some photos of the new closet once I get it finished.